Applied Digital Transformation

In a forever developing digital market it is important to stay equipped and capable of coping with rapid and radical change. Organisations need to take initiative and educate their employees to equip them with the right skills and knowledge in order to bring them along on your digital journey.

56% of CEOS

said digital improvements have led to revenue growth

Source: Gartner


have already undergone a digital transformation

Source: Smart Insights


fails, most often due to restistance from employees

Source: Forbes

Our Courses

Cycle to Accelerate offers a series of courses provided by specialised professionals that recognise its significance on a strategic level. The aim of some of these courses is to help you as a professional gain a greater understanding of the underlying factors in a Digital Transformation.

Objectives & Benefits


With a combination of different learning materials you are able to deep dive into the material that is essential to understanding the basis of digital transformation.


Gain an in-depth understanding into the various factors that play a role and influence the process of digital transformation.


Acquire the ability to manoeuvre through the different digital changes that are currently disturbing the industry using models in practice, different principles and theories of knowledge.

Your Learning Journey

Our online courses take you through a learning journey that consists of different learning methods, this way you are able to harness the material in the most efficient manner possible.

Cycle to Accelerate Book Bundle

Reading of the book bundle is a necessity in gaining understanding of the course material, assignments and case studies.

Presentations & Video Lectures

Each course consists of different modules that contain video lectures and presentations.


In order to be able to complete the courses and modules you will complete a series of assessments to test your acquired knowledge.