Inspiring Leadership

Bard Papegaaij

A course designed to show you the fundamental principles of inspirational leadership and its power to influence and shape organisational culture.


Course Details

The Inspiring Leadership course, is a course designed for self-study purposes. It tackles the fundamental principles of Inspiring Leadership and its power to greatly influence and shape organisational culture. With the use of real life examples, we demonstrate how inspiring leadership can encourage flow in an organisation. By combining a mix of learning approaches, we create a roadmap for you to discover what this means for you. We encourage you to challenge yourself in questioning what roles you can assume to lead your organisation into a culture that is ready to cultivate a successful Digital Transformation journey, by carefully looking at the following:

  • The power of intrinsic motivation
  • The six pillars of self-organisation and flow
  • The role of servant leadership in shaping culture
  • How to get started on your own leadership transformation journey


Course Modules

MODULE 1: Inspiring Leadership

MODULE 2: Digital Transformation

MODULE 3: Flow as an Organising Principle

MODULE 4: A Culture Fit for Transformation

MODULE 5: The Impact of Management

MODULE 6: What Motivates People?

MODULE 7: What Motivates Teams?

MODULE 8: Self-Organisation

MODULE 9: From Captain to Coach

MODULE 10: Recap


Bard Papegaaij
Your Lecturer

I am a philosopher, writer, practitioner and teacher with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives, do better work and create a more sustainable and socially connected society in the process. I have spent my whole life trying to understand what makes us humans tick. Even though I worked most of my professional career in the IT industry, I have always approached everything from the human angle: how does it make us feel, why do we behave in this way, how do we decide, how do we change - or don’t? I don't just talk about these things, I coach, mentor and facilitate workshops and off-sites for individuals, teams and even whole organisations.

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