Performance Identification

Identify and Advise

Use our services and generate a baseline performance snapshot of your organisation’s current state to work towards an accelerated future. With Cycle to Accelerate you can transform your business by harmonising your people, organisation and IT to shape your digital future.

By combining the right strategy, technology and mindset, organisations are able to transform and increase their agility in a digitally accelerating world. Many organisations lose their way due to lack of collaboration, vague business goals, fixed strategy and mismanagement. This form of turbulence drives underperformance and leaves organisations questioning “where should we begin?”. Becoming a future proof business requires having a mindset that looks beyond the “competitive advantage” and towards developing long-term value. Creating this value helps shape your future by managing your transience.


Our approach

Our Approach incorporates a resource-based view and takes a look at the use and role of change capabilities in Digital Transformation. Cycle to Accelerate relates organisational performance in Digital Transformation to these five essential capabilities: Collaboration, Governance, IT Production, Technology and Infrastructure. Achieving business agility, efficiency and innovation begins with creating an overview of the current state of each capability and its sub-requirements. This overview is the basis for your organisation's move towards an accelerated future

The five capabilities


The human factors needed for enabling and facilitating the necessary social innovation and transformation in your business.


The enablers and constraints necessary to create organisational flow and supporting work structures.

IT Production

A process based on architectural thinking throughout the complete life cycle of your IT landscape, designed to continuously deliver business impact.


Technology designed to adapt to changing requirements whilst managing transience.


An infrastructure that supports operational excellence.

The Performance Identification services is a service that offers a digital assessment on Cycle to Accelerate's Digital Transformation Capabilities. This assessment is an extensive questionnaire that provides insight into your performance as a business using the capabilities as a foundation. It challenges organisations to confront various issues that they often shy away from. By combining this with documentation analyses, we are able to produce a complete report consisting of a list of recommended improvement steps.

This service is the first step your organisation will take in its digital journey. To stay relevant, adaptable, and sustainable in this digital age, organisations need to enable technological landscapes, enhance business processes, focus on employee engagement, develop an intelligent culture and manage low dependencies. Reaching a state where your organisation is performing to its utmost potential demands undergoing a series of performance cycles. The rate of completion of these cycles depends on the size and complexity of an organisation. Each cycle contributes to your ability to continuously learn from your failures and develop best practices that you can utilise and maintain in your digital journey.




Small Organisations

  • 0 - 500 employees



Medium Organisations

  • 501 - 1,000 employees



Large Organisations

  • 1,001 - 3,000 employees



X-Large Organisations

  • 3,001 - 12,000 employees



XX-Large Organisations

  • 12,001+ employees


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