Transformation Strategy

Analysis and Planning

The age of Digital is currently pushing the boundaries of organisational performance. The risks and opportunities of digital disruption are endless. Take advantage of the opportunities and develop your plan of action with Cycle to Accelerate.

Many organisations and people are looking for a change. The transformation process is one that requires dedication and perseverance, so organisations should be open to failure and learning. Having an understanding of your current performance is a starting point, but what’s next? The chaos that comes with performing at high levels in digital transformation requires developing a strategy that focuses on prioritisation and analysis. Firmly grounding your strategy in your business values will let you manage impermanence to enable you forward on your Digital Transformation journey.


Our approach


This service ensures that the right transformational strategy is in place in order for you to optimally benefit from working with us to guarantee your organisation is capable of confronting any upcoming challenges in the digital world. As a part of the Transformation Strategy service, a prioritisation list of the improvement steps obtained from the previous service is established. From this list a total of five improvement steps (one per capability) is selected and executed in accordance with the implementation plan.

To gain further insight into your organisational dynamics and environment, we carry out a series of interviews and observations. We then formulate an implementation plan based on your prioritisation list. This is achieved by working shoulder-to-shoulder with you to ensure that you accomplish and maintain transformational changes in the long-term. Commitment to such an improvement process results in strengthening capabilities, amelioration of organisational health and the opportunity to mitigate risks in the digital world.



Small Organisations

  • 0 - 500 employees



Medium Organisations

  • 501 - 1,000 employees



Large Organisations

  • 1,001 - 3,000 employees



X-Large Organisations

  • 3,001 - 12,000 employees



XX-Large Organisations

  • 12,001+ employees


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