It’s Time to Step Up and Break Through Those Digital Boundaries

Published on Wednesday, June 9th 2021


Many organisations and people are looking for a change. They are in a constant search for new eras, organisational models and better use of technology. And in this day and age they simply have no choice. If they continue as they do now they will cease to exist in a few years.

People want to explore new pathways, or at least: they say they want to. And Digital Transformation is a journey that is unavoidable for us all.

A clear picture

Identifying your points of improvement and recognising your current capabilities is the starting point of your digital journey. The question now is how do you use this knowledge to develop a strategy and plan to execute the transformation?

The answer you’re looking for is in depth analysis, specifically a counter in depth analysis. Cycle to Accelerate specializes in such analyses to help organisations look at the countless scenarios of failure and success. And how their counterparts come into play.

Such an analysis paints a clear picture of what factors stand in the way of the improvements. This helps in designing and developing a stable implementation plan and strategy.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of it all

A counter analysis is of course not the only thing that you can rely on as an organisation. Parallel to the analysis, such a service requires getting to know you as an organisation/ customer. Think of it as the first stages of dating except the corporate world version, you will be asked many questions. We won’t be asking you what your favorite food is but you more about your structure and way of work.

At times this “getting to know you” stage is confronting for most orgnisations, because it forces them to take a deep look in the mirror. And when we start discussing the possibilities of replacing any legacy systems, it sends a chill down their spine. However this is the starting point of taking the initiative and responsibility to create the correct atmosphere for your Digital Transformation.

As an outsider looking in, we are able to gain a different perspective on how people within the organisation interact with each other. And we do so through observations and interviews. Gaining all the knowledge necessary about the executive board’s way of working, the hierarchy, the people on the work floor. This is the part where we get down to the nitty-gritty of it all.

Co-creative solutions

The analysis phase in this process is a place where we co-create with you. However as an organisation you are always in the driver seat. The idea is for you to maintain the ownership of your transformation while you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to do so.

A digital transformation journey is one that requires the organisation to work along with its people in developing strategies and plans. The digital age will continue to push your boundaries as an organisation. So step up and work with your people to make sure you are not limited by these boundaries. Make sure that you are equipped with an implementation plan that you are able to map out the necessary actions, responsibilities and resources. There are endless risks and opportunities when it comes to digital disruption, get ready and act now.