Questions You Need to Answer About your Digital Transformation, But Don’t Dare to Ask!

Published on Monday, December 28th 2020


Imagine the need to renew your IT and not knowing where to begin? The impulsive reaction of an old school C-level professional is to hire a consulting agency to handle that business for him.

Getting this off his plate, meant hiring lots of consultants to run around the company for months or even years. And in doing that he might (just might!) succeed, however he is guaranteed to lose a lot of money in the process.

Where to begin?

Needless to say, the modern-day executive knows more about IT. But still, where should he begin? If you have a hunch that the renewal of your systems is unavoidable, start by filling in our Personal Questionnaire. Cycle to Accelerate has developed this as a tool to address the questions you have. This all relates to our first service: Performance Identification.

The questionnaire is a starting point in becoming a high performer, it aims to help you to identify your current capabilities. Two questionnaires were designed to achieve this:

  • a Personal Questionnaire. That takes on a more general approach of your organisation.
  • an Extensive questionnaire that goes in depth into a company's characteristics in elements such as structure, infrastructure and governance.

Both questionnaires address your performance capabilities to improve your performance. Some questions addressed in the Personal Questionnaire focus on pinpointing your organisational characteristics. Such as the size, industry and the type of relations you implement.

Defining Digital Transformation is a very important step in the process. As a company we approach Digital Transformation from two different perspectives: the engineering and business perspective. These are both incorporated into the questionnaires.

A full report on your performance potential

Answering these extensive questions allows you to confront the potential underlying issues in your organisation. When you begin to ask elucidating questions regarding the five Cycle to Accelerate performance capabilities (Collaboration, Governance, IT production, Technology and Infrastructure) you are able to distinguish your strategic digital roadmap.

Such a strategic roadmap can be used as a benchmarking point of where you currently stand and where you are headed. As part of our service, we utilise the results derived from questionnaires to provide you with an improvement report.

Would you like to know more about your performance potential? And about the five performance capabilities Cycle to Accelerate identifies? Then fill in this questionnaire and start your Digital Transformation process successfully.