What makes an inspiring leader? The Cycle to Accelerate e-learning course explains all tips and tricks

Published on Wednesday, September 15th 2021


Well, let us let you in on a little secret straight away: in Digital Transformation the ‘transformation’ part of the term is far more important than the digital part. Of course, digital technology makes it interesting and challenging, but the transformation itself runs much deeper.

Digital Transformation is about how the application of digital technology:

· Changes the way we look at information; how we share it; store it, and make use of it. · Changes the way we organise ourselves; how we connect; structure; and coordinate. · Changes the way we work; where we work; when we work; what tools we use to work with. · Opens up possibilities for new business models, new markets, new products and services that would be unthinkable without digital technology.

If this is all new to you, don't be embarrassed: Cycle to Accelerate consultants often find that managers do not have knowledge on what Digital Transformation really entails.

Yet in this transformation, you as a business owner, board member, or manager can play an important role. You can be the rousing trailblazer of this process. That is why we developed the e-learning course “Digital Transformation and Inspiring Leadership”.

In our new e-learning we take you through some of the basic concepts related to Digital Transformation. We dive into Flow and Culture as two core concepts to getting Digital Transformation right.

We explain why leadership is so important for the success or failure of any transformation program and look at three levels of inspiration leaders can influence: motivating people, motivating teams and enabling self-organisation. We then round things off by looking at the roles you can play to become an inspiring leader.

The course consists of short modules designed for self-study. After watching an explanatory video, you complete a series of questions to test your understanding of the material presented. This determines whether you are qualified to proceed to the next module. For most modules a self-assessment is available, in order to get you thinking about how well you and your company score on what it takes to get digital transformation right.

After you’ve completed the whole course you will get a certificate of completion as proof you’ve mastered the content and have started on your journey as an inspiring leader! That is when the true learning begins of course. Only in practice will you be able to turn knowledge into skills and skills into your own personal flow.

Would you like to know more about the Cycle to Accelerate e-learning course? Click on the following link: https://www.cycletoaccelerate.com/course/inspiring-leadership for all e-learning information.