Why a Digital Transformation needs flow through substantive governance (2)


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Why a Digital Transformation needs flow through organisational and substantive governance (1)


Governance of a digital-oriented organisation is a complicated matter because it requires a major shift in thinking in the minds of the management staff. To make things understandable I always use ...


If You Don’t Know Where You Are How Do You Expect To Know Where You Are Going?


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Neanderthals won’t survive!!


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How to ensure that your digital transformation process performs at a pace that keeps up with developments in the market?


In previous blogs we talked about playing billiards. Although it’s a wonderful game to play with friends, we should stop using this approach in our industry. We just can’t predict the outcome of ne...


Stop predicting the future; it is the start of making brilliant plans for digitization


Usually when there’s a change in management, new and ambitious plans for a much needed innovation will emerge after a while. Nowadays these plans often involve IT and digitization. Chances are that...