5 crucial positioning points before you will achieve a high performance


Okay, when we ‘do not remove old cows from the ditch’ anymore (this is an adaption of a Dutch saying) we are ready to start cycling. But is that so? Do we need to answer some questions first maybe?...


11 'Collaboration Principles' for success when entering digital transformation


Agile primarily is an intangible phenomenon. The most powerful impulse the agile manifesto gave us, is the power to imagine that we can be agile by responding swiftly and adequately to the ever-app...


The myth of in-control thinking


Suppose we were to start doing things differently in the Netherlands. Suppose we were hit by a huge, comprehensive crisis, a traumatic experience that showed us our world doesn’t quite work the way...


Turning ideas into IT within the flow of the organisation 1


Turning business ideas into IT is something we have already been doing for many years now but unfortunately, statistics tell us that our worldwide success ratio is no higher than 25 to 30 percent. ...


Agile, really? Or not quite?


These days when you talk to a manager in no matter what industry, after only two or three sentences he or she will say that their organization is an agile workplace too. The explanation that invari...


Action, action, action!!


We were having a beautiful summer and I was in the park reading a good book. I enjoyed the warm sunshine and the spectacle of my children playing on a big tree trunk on the grass. They used it as a...