Three important ways to save energy and create Flow in your organisation

Published on Monday, October 25th 2021


We live in a complex world. I don’t presume that’s news to you. Yet, getting things done in the many complex situations you face each day is likely to claim much of your precious energy.

Digital Transformation is a complex process people can easily get lost in. Ideas, information, decisions and products (to name a few) need to freely move between individuals, groups, and organisations. This only works well if these parties don’t have to spend a lot of attention on non-essentials, unnecessary obstacles, and unclear intentions.

Creating a flow-promoting culture

The solution to the complexity problem lies in reducing friction and obstacles to make it easier for all elements to move in the same general direction than to move against it and against each other.

Or, as we prefer to say these days: in the application of “Flow”:

Creating Flow within an Enterprise can only be done when everybody within the organisation is involved, and nobody stays behind. Knowing that certain cultural characteristics are decisive to the success of creating flow, let’s have a look at three things that can be used to create a flow-promoting culture.

  • Shared goals: People need to not just know what the goals are but also believe in them, commit to them and contribute to achieving them;
  • Understanding the context: People need to know the context of what they are working on and understand the dependencies around their contribution. When people get lost in the details people might retreat in siloed thinking and stop attempting to collaborate with people working on other initiatives;
  • Knowing how to collaborate: On a personal level, skills such as active listening, non-aggressive communication, diversity and inclusion and sharing responsibility need to be trained and practised. On a team level, teams need to spend time learning how best to work together both as a team and with other teams.

Would you like to know all the seven methods on how to create a flow-promoting culture? This is part of the curriculum of our Cycle to Accelerate e-learning course. Click on the following link: for all e-learning information.